A-At your ser-service...
(Extension of LB RP)
Journal Entry: September 12th, 2011

Brendon wasn’t happy with me this morning. Never really is. The beefheads(Brendons Words) I was with last night were nice. I didn’t know any vampire¬†possessed¬†that. I didn’t want to lie to him about eating but to prevent another night in the punishment room I had too. Although he always knows when I lie.

The burger and fries still linger in my thoughts. Makes me even more hungry.

After I cleaned up the wine mess he made I headed on out to my spying. First stopping at the Lost Boys household. Fairly quiet as usual. The two I spent the night with were talking. Mostly about our clan and everything. The Frog was there too. Not too long after he left.

I hid in the woods in a distance. Had a clear view of the household he ended up in. I seen the one guy walk in he seemed angry. I sneaked and peeked through a window and watched him smash through things and rip out Brendon’s equipment. He won’t be pleased. Probably blame me for not hiding them correctly.

Sometimes I watch them all hang around together and have fun. I sometimes imagine being in their family. I have fallen in love with that word, Family. Its a beautiful word with a wonderful meaning.

I must end now, Brendon will be waking soon and I need to get his nightly suit together…

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